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Basic .NET

.NET : What is it?

The .NET Framework is a new computing platform developed by Microsoft that simplifies application development in the highly distributed environment of the internet. .NET is much more than just a platform for developing for the internet, but it is intended for this purpose predominantly, because here, others methods have failed in the past. .NET provides a simple object-oriented model to access most of the Windows application programming interfaces (APIs). It also provides mechanisms by which you can use the existing native code. In addition, it significantly extends the development platform by providing tools and technologies to develop Internet-based distributed applications.
Objectives of .NET

The .NET Framework has been developed to cater to the following objectives and requirements:
  • To provide a consistent object-oriented environment to develop applications.
  • To provide a code execution environment that simplifies deployment and versioning.
  • To provide a code execution environment that guarantees the safety of the code that is executing. This includes both code developed internally by an organization or for code developed by 3rd party vendors.
  • To provide a code execution environment that eliminates the issues faced by scripted environments with respect to performance.
  • To provide a common programming model where the choice of a programming language becomes a matter of choice.

Basic .NET- What it inlcudes?

Basic .NET training includes:
  • Introduction to .NET Framework
  • Web Application Development using ASP.NET
  • Database Connectivity through ADO.NET
  • Window Application Development